All of Via Nature’s personal care products are produced in our new 221,104 square foot facility in Glendale Heights Illinois, so our scientists and quality control teams can oversee the process. The product quality, effectiveness and the sustainable solutions used in our line are of the utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to making thoughtful high performing products that are the best they can be, every step of the way.

Via Nature's Commitment and Vision

Universal Biosciences is a minority owned company. We are passionate about our employees, our customers, and their success. We are committed to making a difference in the world by applying advanced technologies, creative solutions and strategic rational to develop trusted natural product solutions.

Via Nature products are True Natural products.

You can trust that when you select Via Nature products you are using products that do not contain: Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Triclosan, EDTA, or Aluminum. The Via Nature choice is better beauty, health and well-being, living without harmful chemicals.